Monday, September 18, 2017

Blogger's Quilt Festival, Fall 2017

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of showing my latest quilt at the first quilt show put on by the Fort Collins Modern Quilt Guild in downtown Fort Collins, CO. I am now pleased to also be sharing it as part of Blogger's Quilt Festival put on by Amy of Amy's Creative Side. If you've not already, be sure to go over and check out all of the other amazing quilts linked up.

This particular quilt was pieced as part of the guild's Roaming Quilt Bee. We each started with one or a few "inspiration blocks" and a theme. For mine, I chose some special fabrics in my favorite rainbow color palette and put together the X blocks and the semi-circles:

More initial blocks for the Roaming Quilt Bee

Completed Initial Block

The only theme I selected was to follow the color palette. I chose come particularly special fabrics as I knew this would be a year long labor. Then each month we rotated the quilts and each quilter added on to the quilt. When the quilt rotated around the circle back to us, we had a completed quilt top!

Then the last month of the Bee I gave birth to my daughter, and so the top waited patiently. And then a few more quilts jumped ahead of it in line for baby showers. This summer I finally was able to pull it back out and get it quilted. Given the scale of some of the blocks, I decided to make this quilt extra-special and rented some time on a long arm at The Presser Foot down in Longmont, CO. This is officially my first quilt quilted on a long arm! I did something different for each block, and am really proud of how it turned out.

You may notice I haven't been blogging on here much recently. You can find me most of the time over on Instagram at @kelseyprantis if you're interesting in following more of my quilting adventures.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Great Pillow Fight Swap 2014

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that I regularly like to participate in the Pillow Talk Swap on Flickr. Now recently it hasn't had any swaps, so another group was formed by the people who wanted to keep going, called The Great Pillow Fight. This is its first round, and my partner mentioned liking linen and "clean", so this is the mockup I originally created for the pillow:

Great Pillow Fight Round 1

After playing with the pieces a bit during actual construction, I did change up my design a bit, and ended up with this for the top:

A slight change in plans once I started playing with the pieces. I'm thinking matchstick quilting. What do you think partner?

And here is the completed pillow I made for my (still secret) partner:

Finished Pillow

I quilted it with lines 1/4" apart, and added a zipper at the bottom for inserting and removing the pillow form.

Finished Pillow

I sure hope you like this partner. :)

<3 Kelsey

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FCMQG Quilt Retreat 2014

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of joining 10 other lovely ladies from the Fort Collins Modern Quilt Guild for a 3 night retreat. I spent most of my time hand sewing down binding and a sleeve on my Chicopee quilt while looking at this:

Not a bad way to spend a weekend. :)

At the retreat we did a mini-quilt swap, and I decided to dig into my Mendocino scraps and create a half-size swoon.

FCMQG Retreat Mini Swap

The Charlie Harper gold matches the Mendocino gold amazingly well. I used more of this print on the back.

FCMQG Retreat Mini Swap

I added a tiny scrap of seahorses to the binding for a little extra detail.

FCMQG Retreat Mini Swap

In exchange I received this lovely mini quilt from kaliebridgel, which now hangs above my desk so I can stare at it all day while I work. :)

Mini Quilt received at FCMQG Quilt Retreat Summer 2014

<3 Kelsey

Friday, July 18, 2014

{the Purge} Week 1

Have you heard about the purge by Rachel of Stitched In Color? Its a chance for all of use to work through the fabric in our stash that just doesn't excite us any more for one reason or another. Then Rachel is hosting links to show off how we used it every other week.

For myself, I knew exactly what I wanted to tackle. Over the last few years I've been quilting, I've managed to accrue a number of stacks of fabric that were purchased and set aside for a specific project. But if I didn't start the project right away, they ended up languishing on my shelves, mocking me for not having started them yet, making me feel guilty that I need to do those planned projects before I start new projects I'm inspired to work on right now, and not being a useful contribution to my stash since they are already reserved.

It's not that the fabrics are by any means ugly - many of them are great, but its just the fact it was a project I never started, and now the excitement when I first bought fabrics for them has dwindled and it feels more like a burden to complete them. To such an extent for some months now I've forbidden myself to buy fabric for a specific project unless I was able to start it immediately, so it wouldn't continue to pile on. 

So for my part in the purge, I'd like to work through those backed up stacks of fabric and actually turn them into the projects I intended them for.

So first up I brought out my Chicopee that I bought to make this quilt. This quilt is destined for our bed - this will be my first time having a legitimate quilt for my own bed - woot woot!

So far, I've already been able to complete the top:

Chicopee quilt top complete #thepurge #fcmqg

It sure felt good to free up those 26 comic book boards these were taking up in my stash. :) And double bonus, I'll be showing it at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival next month!

<3 Kelsey

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Challenge 2014

Hey folks. Last night I finally finished sewing down the binding on my entry for the Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Challenge.  Each of us that chose to participate were given a subset of the fabrics from Petal Pinwheels by Michael Miller. These are the four I received:

MQG Michael Miller Fabric Challenge 2014 Fabric

I decided to pair them with Kona Nightfall, as I thought the contrast really made them stand out, and might be a bit of a different color combination than others might choose in the challenge. Our guild specifically made the challenge to make a pillow.

IMG_4088MQG Michael Miller Challenge 2014

I decided I wanted to use the paper pieced hedgehog from Artisania (free pattern here) centered in a wreath of yo-yos. I think that yo-yos are under utilized in modern quilting, and wanted to make a modern interpretation of them.

A few close-ups of the different elements (the dime is for scale):

Hedgie pillow close-up

Hedgie pillow close-up

I quilted the whole piece aside from the hedgie in a small meander with matching navy 50wt Aurifil thread. As for all of my pillows, I used fusible fleece in place of a batting and lining. It always gives it a nice structure, and saves me the fabric for a lining.

Lastly I framed it in a scrappy binding created from the challenge fabrics. I love the look of binding on a finished pillow - it has a similar appearance to piping, and doesn't have the "bulky corners" problem I've faced with turning so I can get nice sharp points.

Now to find time to go shopping for a new pillow form.... ;)

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<3 Kelsey

Monday, December 16, 2013

Wrapping yourself in the Word of God

"Wrap yourself in the word of God" Quilt

The concept of this quilt began with the idea for a text fabric with scripture for the content. Text fabric has become extremely popular in modern quilting, and I loved the idea of a scriptural text fabric to give more meaning to the words on the fabric - where reading a piece of the text fills you with God's Word, rather than some peculiar gibberish.

As I continued to swirl this idea around in my head, I couldn't help but chuckle at the very literal manifestation of the expression to "wrap yourself in the Word of God". How wonderful would it be to literally snuggle into a quilt with the words of your Creator when you are feeling low? Or to sit with it in your lap during your daily bible time or during prayer? A quilt that embodies both the love and comfort that goes into making someone a quilt, along with the love and comfort of your God?

After searching for a while, I was rather surprised not to find a plethora of scriptural fabric in production already. In fact, I couldn't find any that were continuous blocks of text, only individual verses or phrases scattered across the fabric. So I decided to go a more personal route and use Spoonflower to custom print the quilt back with the favorite book of the Bible of the recipient, which in this case was Romans. Using a copyright-free translation of the Bible, I fit Romans into precisely 4 yards, which I pieced into a 72" x 88" quilt back. (Link to the fabric on Spoonflower here:


For the front I settled on modifying the New Wave quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman to look more like mountains, instead of waves. Growing up and living in Colorado, I was always most impacted by the greatness of God when surrounded by the Rocky Mountains - away from all of the things man built and surrounded by nature. I know the recipient of this quilt also has a special place in his heart for spending time in these same mountains, so it seemed like a good fit.

"Wrap yourself in the word of God" Quilt

I selected a palette of white, grey, and navy to imitate a mountain range fading off into the distance, as well as to keep it masculine and modern. I used predominantly solids to keep it clean, but did use one print to add visual interest. Above you can see what my original plan looked like, and below you can see the design once it was completed.

"Wrap yourself in the word of God" Quilt

For the quilting I chose to reinforce the mountain concept by adding white snowcaps and some organic wavy lines in a matching thread color, after anchoring the piece by quilting alongside the horizontal seams.

"Wrap yourself in the word of God" Quilt

Overall I was very pleased with the outcome, and it definitely passed the snuggly test. :-)

I have been thinking about continuing some work on the scriptural text fabric idea, perhaps at a smaller scale as the text for this particular project was on the large side. What do you guys think - would you want to see text fabric created from biblical text?

<3 Kelsey

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

We're having a real life "Mario Party"over here. :)

<3 Kelsey

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