Saturday, June 2, 2012

A few favorites...

A few favorites to brighten up your day. :)

PTS 8 Inspiration Mosaic
1. Somerset Star Pillow, 2. Pillow Talk Swap 7 - Finished, 3. PTS7, 4. Pillow Talk Swap 7, 5. PTS7 all finished!, 6. innocent crush kaleidoscope quilt, 7. Mug Rug Swap Round 2 for Emedoodle, 8. Pillow Talk Swap Round 7, 9. Will these work partner?, 10. Granny Square Table Topper, 11. Not available, 12. Not available, 13. swoon back, 14. Spooky & Splashy Goldfish Mug Rug , 15. Quilted, 16. 241 Tote

<3 Kelsey


  1. Gorgeous display of talent : )

  2. :) beautiful collection here! We must have very similar tastes since two of these live in my house! (received in swaps!) #'s 7 and 15 are all mine! :)


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