Sunday, January 29, 2012

Orange and Grey Cowl

Having recently finished my first knitting project, I jumped right into my second. This time I went with a nice simple garter stitch to avoid the rolling that happened on my first cowl. I actually really love the feel  and the density of the fabric that resulted - it was almost sponge-like.

Orange and Grey Knit Cowl 

I also challenged myself to one new technique by working with two separate yarns concurrently. I chose a bright orange and grey for a more masculine look. Turns out working with one yarn is just about the same as working with two. :)

Orange and Grey Knit Cowl

This cowl was a gift for a good friend who we went to visit for a weekend recently (moving out of state causes a sudden need to give everyone gifts as it may be the last time you see them).

Next challenge: knitting in the round!

<3 Kelsey


  1. Great work! We will always have room for your friends to come visit.

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