Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Blogger's Choice

I'm sure many of you have already seen this competition over on Quokka Quilts. Laura has asked us to each create our own Fat Quarter Shop Blogger's Choice Bundle.  Here is what I've selected for my bundle:

Kelsey's Bloggers Choice Bundle

I was going for a good balance of value and scale in a masculine and sophisticated color palette, partially inspired by the Echo collection by Lotta Jansdotter. In fact, I wanted to include more prints from her collection, but FQS is already sold out! Overall I still am really pleased with how it came out though. :)

Here is a list of the fabrics I used:

  1. Lanikai Navy Gridlock
  2. Weekend Clubhouse 2012 Navy Random Pencil Check
  3. Echo Gray Aneta
  4. Get Together Navy Flock of Birds
  5. Dazzle Yellow Basketweave
  6. Palladium Gray Gridlock
  7. Palladium Yellow Whiston Dot
  8. Orchid Gray Gray Tiny Houndstooth
  9. Shades of Grey Ragg Tagg
  10. Ruby Cotton Grey Sundae
  11. Secret Garden Midnight Vintage Ironwork
  12. Girls World Vibe Honey Carrie
  13. Kona Cotton Espresso
  14. Kona Cotton Navy
  15. Kona Cotton Curry

Here are some other entries into the competition that I really like (click each one to get to the source):



fat quarter bundle

I'm pretty sure if they offered this one, I'd have to buy it!

Certainly some awesome color and fabric inspiration to be found!

<3 Kelsey


  1. Oh, i love yours! The Lanikai is gorgeous. I like how you've picked your favourites out too! It is going to be so hard to judge!

  2. I agree, there are so many great entries! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'm glad you like it! ^_^

    <3 Kelsey


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