Friday, January 27, 2012

The Longest UFO

I started this quilt just over two years ago. It was the very first quilt I ever started.

Back then I didn't know anything about fusibles or any other tricks to make appliqué easier. It was appliquéd entirely by hand with nothing more than a needle, thread, a pair of scissors, and a pin or two.

23andMe Quilt

I originally started it as a gift (I worked at 23andMe at the time), but when I didn't have time to finish it, it got packed away and essentially forgotten about. 

Before I left 23andMe for a new job, I had promised I'd finish it for decoration in the office. Since we're about to move to another state in a month and a half, I figured I better make good on that promise. :)

23andMe Quilt

This was my first time trying any free motion quilting other than stippling. I quilted two double helixes, and while I was initially concerned with some flaws, in the end I am pleased how it looks as a whole. I did a simple loopy FMQ design for the background. 

23andMe Quilt

This also was my first time having my own fabric printed on Spoonflower. I used the company logo to create a custom quilt backing. It was a lot harder than I expected to hide the repeat! But I hope to get to try my hand at a lot more fabrics in the future. :)

It feels good to put this near 2 year UFO in the D-O-N-E pile!

<3 Kelsey


  1. Love it! What a touching way for your friends at 23andMe to remember you.

  2. Fascinating!! My background is in genetics (how am I using it as a SAHM???), so when I saw the picture, I was instantly intrigued. And I LOVE the double helices! What an inspired touch! Great job. :)

  3. I love genetics as well, though my official career is as a software engineer. I'm glad you liked the helices. :)

    Thanks for coming by! :)



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