Tuesday, November 22, 2011

San Bruno Quilt Update

First, and most importantly, my husband's coworker mentioned in this post was released from the hospital shortly after the accident with only minor injuries, including some burns.

San Bruno Blocks Update

Here are all the blocks (and one partial block) I received as of 11/20/11 laid out together on my floor. Pardon the terrible lighting, but I didn't have a space large enough to photograph these outside. I'm still behind notifying people that I've received their block - I'm a bad organizer and will catch up on that soon.

I'm hoping to finish up the blocks and begin assembly on the top this weekend, with the white sashing between the block that is missing in the picture above.

One generous volunteer offered to send an entire baby quilt for the recipient family's upcoming baby.

San Bruno - Baby Quilt

 I absolutely adore the quilting on this one.

San Bruno - Baby Quilt

Thank you again to all of the generous volunteers who have contributed to this project, I know it is going to be a special gift for this family.

<3 Kelsey


  1. It looks great and that baby quilt is gorgeous! Glad your friend has been released and is healing.

  2. Doesn't look like my block made it to you. Darn slow shipping. Hope it arrives soon!

  3. Amazing Kindness! All of you are so wonderful to bring encouragement to a family going through such hard times.


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