Thursday, November 24, 2011

My little monster

I have another crochet finish to share with you all today. Sticking to my orange and blue fall color scheme of choice, I made my little man a most awesome hat.

Monster Crochet Hat

I used this pattern from The Train to Crazy, with some slight modifications.

Monster Crochet Hat

First, instead of crocheting the hat to fit his cute little head, I made it much larger using a wool yarn, and felted it down to the correct size. This gives it a different look and feel compared to the original.

Monster Crochet Hat

I also decided to put the spikes down the back, rather across his head.

Monster Crochet Hat

I added a little yarn chin strap so he'd leave it on his head for more than 2 seconds (though not without trying to get it off yet). He still hasn't quite figured out hats.

My husband has already put in his request for an adult size version. :)

<3 Kelsey

This is my last entry into Celebrate Color.


  1. He is adorable and love the hat, Kelsey! :o)

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