Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PTS 6 Possibilities

I drafted up a couple of possibilities for my partner for round 6 of the Pillow Talk Swap.

The first uses up more pieces of a Tula Pink "design roll" I won several months ago. (Some of which went into my do. Good Stitches blocks here.)

PTS 6 Options

The second is all solids and is based off of this awesome miniquilt made by Leona. Seriously, go check hers out, it's awesome. This draft is closer to hers than the final result is likely to be as it'll be my own improv piecing, but I figured it gets the jist across.

PTS 6 Options

So partner, do either of these strike your fancy? Or shall I go with something a bit more literal from your mosaic?

<3 Kelsey


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