Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt Fabric Options

This past month my husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. While he couldn't quite contain the surprise until our actual anniversary, he surprised me nonetheless with Electric Quilt 7 for an anniversary gift. (Thank you sweetie!)

I immediately got to work experimenting with different layouts and color schemes that I have been considering for my Farmer's Wife Quilt. While I'm pretty settled on the layout, I'm still trying to decide on the color scheme. I'm hoping my quilty friends can help me out. Below are the my favorite 6 color schemes, followed by a survey. (Google Reader folk will have to click through to be able to see the survey.) I would love to see which you guys like best. Please also feel free to leave reasoning in the comments. :)

Without further ado:

A - Dots

B - Chartreuse

C - Orange & Aqua

D - Red

E - Red & Aqua

F - Red & Aqua & Yellow

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<3 Kelsey


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    Enjoyed the survey - you have some great options - and I hope you post the results!

  2. I'll definitely post the results. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I love the chartreuse, its stunning, closely followed by the dots. You just need to make sure you love your final choice though as you will be the person looking at it.

  4. Yeah, I definitely have to be happy whit it and won't just 100% go with the
    survey results necessarily. But I'd love to know other's opinions when
    making my decision. One interesting fact I've seen so far is that the
    Chartreuse colorway seems to be polarizing, people tend to either really
    like it or really hate it, versus some other colors which have a more even


  5. I'm thinking about doing a FWq as well. I have the book and everything and am thinking too about colours and fabrics. I'm going to look at images of FWq's and pick out 3 or 4 favourites. Then I'm going to look at these in detail and decide what exactly it is that I like about them. Perhaps it will be that it's all autumn colours, or perhaps it will be that it's only 3 colours or because it's many different ones. Then I'll look at images of more FWq's and keep the information I have gathered from the first set in mind and check for more information that I might be able to squeeze from these next images.

  6. I don't seem to be able to get the survey to work for me but I have to say I prefer the red and aqua with a touch of yellow. I know this is traditionally done in more civil war fabrics but I love the idea of it being done differently. I also prefer to have not too many colours, I am making Sylvias Bridal Sampler and just using blues with a touch of green and purply pink. Good luck with it and also happy anniversary

  7. I can't get the survey to work either. I like A best, then C or D. B the worst. The others are a tie. There are so many ways to make this quilt, enjoy!

  8. Yeah, I did a lot of looking at the existing stuff and analyzing what I did
    or did not like about different ones I saw. This is what I came up with
    after taking that into consideration. :)

    Let me know when you settle on your fabrics, I'd love to hear what you

    <3 Kelsey

  9. Hmm, I wonder why it's not working. I can still see it fine on the page and
    have gotten about 26 responses so far. Mind if I ask what browser you are

    Thanks for letting me know what you think. It's so helpful to be able to get
    others' opinions. :)


  10. Hmm, wonder why it wouldn't work. Mind if I ask what browser you are using?

    Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me your input!


  11. All very nice options. What about the first one, but switch out the white for a pale gray? I think that'd be awesome! Good luck.

  12. Hehe, that actually is a pale grey (the joy of talking about colors on
    computer monitors.) Kona Ash is what I was going for. :)


  13. The survey doesn't appear on my screen, but maybe that's coz I'm using an ipad.
    I like D the best. But then I love quilts with dramatic simplicity.

    Something tells me you are going to get a fairly even picking of the options tho, so you'll probably still end up umming and ahhing over the selection. You could of course pick your two favourites and make two quilts in parallel ;)

  14. I love the chartreuse and the orange & aqua. Good luck choosing. I can't wait to see what you pick.=)

  15. There have been a few people who say they can't see it. I'm not sure if it
    is something on SurveryMonkey's end, or the device/browser they were looking
    from. Sorry it isn't working for you. :/

    There is actually a clear winner so far (with 42 entries). I'll make a post
    with the results in another day or so. :)


  16. Thanks for the input. ^_^ Can't wait to get started!


  17. I'm thinking of doing this in Christmas fabrics, and I love seeing your layouts. There is no "worst" though! I love them all!

  18. Ooo, Christmas fabrics sounds awesome!! I'd love to see it when it's done!
    <3 Kelsey

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