Friday, April 29, 2011


Have you heard of Pinterest yet? It's a website that allows you to create a virtual inspiration board for just about anything you find on the internet.  If you do any kind of design or creative work then this app is for you!

It differs from other bookmarking and favorite-ing tools because you browse your marked pages visually, with a picture you select fromt he page representing each item. Here is an example of a board I made of dresses:

dresses I love
I also use it to visually capture crafts and fabrics I want to create with myself some day.

Quilt and Quilt Blocks
Boy Quilt Fabric Selections
This makes it super easy to re-find that fabric bundle you saw the other day or the pillow that really inspired you without having to try a whole set of links. You also can browse other people's boards, which is great for finding inspiration. I really love this board:

where I want to be
It has so many amazing inspirational rooms.

Pinterest is still in private beta, so you need an invite to join.  You can sign up for the wait list to get an invite, or you can use an invite from a current user. If you need an invite, leave me a comment below!

<3 Kelsey


  1. I've been looking at that site and wondering how to get on! Much easier than sifting through my saved "bookmarks". I'd love it if you'd consider donating me an

  2. I have been looking at it and thinking the same as Sara on the bookmarks!! thanks for possible invite!

  3. I love pinterest!!! But how in the world did you put the pictures here like that? I've been trying to figure it out for forever! :) Is it a screenshot? I don't know how to do that (yet) any tips??

  4. Hi Kelsey:) I love PINTEREST!! It's so addictive, don't you think?? Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger Award!!! Your work is so inspiring for me:)
    Hope you have a great day!!

  5. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and i JUST discovered pinterest and am glad to know the scoop on it. :)


  6. I'd really love an invite! I've been loving this idea since I heard of Pinterest :) Thanks for the opportunity!


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