Friday, February 18, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA for a while. Work was kind of crazy. Then after the work crazy was over, I had to take care of all the life crazy that built up while I was busy with the work crazy - during which I caught a cold, which Paul (my 4.5 month old) also caught, so we spent last weekend healing. But now things are getting back to normal around here.

New things that have been going on in the Prantis household:

(1) We bought a Subaru Forrester. This is our very first brand new car. We've had it three weeks now and love it! It makes it hard to go back and drive our other 14 year old Malibu, but really we should count our blessings to be able to afford to have two cars.

(2) Paul started eating solids. So far sweet potatoes and bananas are on his good list, and apples and peaches are on his "eww what are you feeding me" list. I have a couple videos to share about this at a later time (read: when I have my camera with me).

(3) I figured out what was wrong with my new frame/regulator/sewing machine setup. My LQS gave me the wrong stitch regulator and accidentally gave me the broken one that came in with it instead of the new one. Easily remedied with a quick trip back to the LQS, though I haven't had a chance to try out the new one yet. Also bought myself some new needles to go with it. Super excited to try it out again, but I've been making myself be a good girl and finish some UFO's with impending deadlines, and none of them have involved FMQ (yet).

(4) Not a lot of sewing been going on. I've been working on my mug rug for the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap here and there, but that is about it. That and a gift I can't share here yet.

(5) My company held our annual ice skating get-together this morning. A co-worker snapped this shot of my husband, me, Paul, and another co-worker. I rarely get in group shots that come out looking this happy. :)

It's good to be happy. I've been having some post-partum issues, so it's always nice to have a happy day. One good day at a time, right?

Tonight I am looking forward to working on a couple of gifts for my FNSI. It's pouring rain and freezing around here right now - a good night to stay in. Hope to see you there! :)

<3 Kelsey


  1. Hope you had a great FNSI! Great picture :) Congrats on your new car!

    Angie -

  2. Hope you had a great FNSI! Great picture :) Congrats on your new car!

    Angie -

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