Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy {Early} Birthday to Me!

Sew, I mentioned yesterday that I got distracted most of last week with an early birthday present from my husband. Without further ado:

And what is this hiding under here?

Now those of you who know me may be thinking, "Wait, but isn't your birthday in *March*?" Why yes, yes it is. "And isn't this January?" Yup. This wasn't always the plan. My husband is notoriously bad at keeping gifts secret. I almost always know what I am getting as a gift for any gifty holidays well in advance. So this is how it went down:

Hubs: So, for Christmas, I'm going to watch Paul so you can go to a quilting class.
Me: Ooo
Christmas passes
Me: I was thinking I might go to a Modern Quilt Guild meeting instead.
I go to the January meeting of our local modern quilt guild.
Later that evening...
Hubs: I still want you to take a class at our LQS.
Me: But I thought today was supposed to count for that?
Hubs: I want you to take it because I want you to get to try out the different machines they have. I'm getting you a new sewing machine for your birthday.
Me: flabbergasted
Hubs: I want you to get a nice one.
Me: Immediately gets laptop and starts researching sewing machines.
Me: Hey, look, our LQS is having a birthday celebration in two weeks to celebrate their birthday - all their machines are going to be 30% off.
Hubs: We should get it then then.
Me: Continue researching what I want all week. Long arm is out of price range, but looking to get something better than the 6.5" throat space my little Kenmore has. Also decide I really want a quilting frame and automatic stitch regulator. I see how much stitch regulators cost.
Me: I might have to get a stitch regulator for Christmas next year. ;)
Next Saturday
Hubs: I'm surprised you aren't going over to look at the machines and pick out what you want so you know for next Saturday.
Me: Gets dressed, goes to store to look.
LQS: You can get any of the machines at the sale price now actually.
Me and LQS: Go over what I'm looking for. I don't really want lots of fancy stitches. I just want a sturdy machine that can straight stitch with a bigger throat space. I don't mind loading my bobbins manually, etc. Two features I would enjoy: stitch up/down and a thread cutter. Keeping my Kenmore for clothing, zig-zags, etc.
LQS: Shows me Janome 1600, which is just about exactly what I want.
LQS: Calls shop owner to ask if there is a frame that came with it. There isn't, BUT, they just got a used 2 year old Viking that, I kid you not, is just about the exact same machine, with some different icons. Made by the same manufacturer. And it comes with a quilting frame AND an automatic stitch regulator for the same price as the Janome 1600.
Me: Falls in love. They place it on hold for me.
Me: Goes home, feeds baby, talks to husband.
Hubs: Go ahead and get it now, but you have to set aside some time to play Rift Beta with me next week. [a video game]
Me: Goes back to LQS and brings her home. :D

And that is how I got my birthday present two months early. :P

My husband is the best. ^_^

I used it to sew the Disappearing Nine Patch I talked about in my last post. It sews like a dream. ^_^

<3 Kelsey

P.S. And just to be fair, we got my husband his birthday present this week too. And his birthday is in { MAY }! ;)


  1. Sorry about the double comment above. Blogger told me there was a service error. =P Your birthday story is great! I love Viking machines. I've had my 500 for 15 years now, and had another Viking before that. They are workhorses! One repair in all those years - done free. If I ever buy another machine, it'll be a Viking also. But why would I when this one does everything? Except I want a longarm again. Loved that. I want to see your frame, too. Love the Eric Carle quilt. I have the fabric but haven't used it yet.

  2. Congrats on your new machine. Enjoy it!

  3. What an amazing birthday gift!!! I love me simple sturdy machine and quilting frame. I wanted the same things and ended up getting a Juki. Happy quilting :)


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