Monday, August 30, 2010

Crib Bed Skirt

So this week Amy, over at Amy's Creative Side, has been having a challenge over the past week. We needed to pick one project goal for the week, and complete that goal. With about a million things left to do for the nursery and so amount of time less than a month left until baby, I decided I wanted to make the crib bed skirt by project for the week.

So, one episode of Dexter, 4 episodes of Law and Order:SVU, and 5 episodes of Farscape later, I finally finished the crib skirt. One lesson learned: ruffles are deceptively more difficult to get even than any bed skirt tutorial suggests. :)

Just the skirt:

Close up:

Complete crib setup with mattress, blanket, and kitten.

Sorry for the terrible photography; just two more days until our DSLR arrives and I promise the quality of photos will go up....


P.S. Be sure to checkout Amy's Creative Side if you're interested in the weekly challenge as well. It really helped keep me motivated to get it done this weekend. :)

Amy's Creative Side


  1. Lovely crib skirt. From the timing in your post, sounds like you will have your own special little challenge next time Amy posts. Congratulations!

  2. very nice crib skirt, I don't like gathering fabric, so good on you for doing it! I probably would have done a pleated skirt instead of a ruffled one because of my dislike for gathering. My sister wants a cute gathered skirt for my niece, and I keep trying to talk her out of it!! Good luck with the new baby coming soon!!

  3. Your nursery is looking great!

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